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Let the pros at Gas Fireplace Service Cincinnati take care of your repair needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your fireplace always performs its best. Gas fireplaces are highly efficient, low-maintenance indoor heating solutions. Of course, as with any other equipment, your unit may encounter problems and require repairs from time to time. When that happens, we will be ready to provide you with prompt, courteous service.

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    What We Specialize In:

    From repairs and fixes to cleaning and maintenance, or if you need help troubleshooting a problem with your gas fireplace,

    choose our Cincinnati gas fireplace services team for expert help!

    Damaged Valve or Lines

    Malfunctioning Burner 

    Extinguished Pilot Light

    Defective Thermostat 

    We Service The Following Brands and more:

    • Heat n Glo
    • Superior
    • Monessen
    • Heatilator
    • Majestic
    • Lennox
    • Astria
    • IHP
    • Vermont Castings
    • Outdoor Fireplaces
    • Firepits
    • Lamp Posts

    **Please note**

    We DO NOT service pellet stoves or wood stoves

    Gas Fireplace Repair Service Cincinnati

    We are dedicated to delivering top-quality gas fireplace repair service in Cincinnati and the surrounding communities. As our customer, you can expect excellent repairs and maintenance that keep your fireplace operating safely and reliably. Choose us to fix such common gas fireplace problems as:

    • Extinguished Pilot Light
    • Malfunctioning Burner 
    • Damaged Valve or Lines 
    • Faulty Thermocouple, Thermopile, or Wiring
    • Defective Thermostat 
    • Rumbling or Grinding Noises
    • Leaking Gas 

    With our team, your gas fireplace will be ready to keep your living room cozy for you and your family on a chilly evening. Call us right away if you notice your gas fireplace isn’t working properly. Our technicians will inspect your fireplace’s components and perform the necessary repairs to resolve the issue. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the commitment to outstanding repairs that has made us a trusted local gas fireplace service. We also service outdoor gas fireplaces and gas firepits as well. If you are having issues with your outdoor gas fireplace, give us a call for service and repair!

    Gas Fireplace Cleaning Service Cincinnati

    Our customers know that when they call us, they get technicians who know how to do the job right every time. Your gas fireplace, while lower maintenance than a traditional wood-burning fireplace, will need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its performance and proper lifespan. Not to mention the potential safety risks that buildup or debris in your unit can cause. At our company, we thoroughly inspect and clean your gas fireplace. Our gas fireplace cleaning gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a safe and effective unit.

    The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that you have the chimney of your gas fireplace swept annually. Since you aren’t burning wood, this recommendation isn’t to eliminate the soot or creosote that become harmful over time. Rather, it is to remove any animal debris, such as bird nests, that may prevent proper ventilation. Also, Cleaning your chimney gives us the opportunity to assess the condition of your chimney crown, mortar joints, and fireclay tile liner, which are prone to damage due to freeze/thaw cycles.

    In the fireplace or insert itself, we will make sure all of the elements are thoroughly swept and cleaned. The decorative logs are prone to decay and may give off particles, and, during the warm seasons, hair, dust, and pet fur may have accumulated in the fireplace, pilot light orifice, and other areas. The process usually only takes around an hour, and by taking the simple step of calling us to clean your gas fireplace, you can rest assured that it will be safe and functional all winter long.

    Why Choose Us?

    For over 8 years, our Gas Fireplace Service in Cincinnati has provided the highest standard of service to customers throughout the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area. Our licensed technicians set the standard when it comes to delivering superior repairs at competitive rates. Whenever you run into an issue with your gas fireplace, we’ll be there to troubleshoot the problem and perform the necessary repairs. As a company, we are defined by our:

    Professional Integrity

    Punctual Service

    Skilled Workmanship

    Attention to Detail

    Product Knowledge

    Industry Experience

    Positive Attitude

    Clear Communication

    Timely Service Completion

    Every time you call us, you get technicians who are absolutely committed to customer safety and satisfaction. Our trained professionals understand that there’s no room for error when you are dealing with indoor fire sources. We hold ourselves to the highest standard so you can be certain that you and your family are operating safe equipment. For reliable repairs from safety-conscious technicians, our company is the right choice for the results you want.

    Our company is all about building lasting relationships with our customers. We want to earn your repeat business with our high-quality cleaning and repairs. Our goal is to be the only gas fireplace service and repair team you’ll ever need to call. To get started, reach out to us. We’ll discuss your concerns and schedule a convenient time for us to visit your property. With our expertise, our professionals will make sure you get the most out of your gas fireplace.

    Please remember, we specialize in gas fireplaces; we do not work on furnaces or pellet-burning stoves.

    Gas Fireplace Maintenance and Troubleshooting Cincinnati OH

    Your gas fireplace needs professional attention to keep it running properly. Whenever you are dealing with gas and flames, especially in an indoor setting, you don’t want to take any chances. Let qualified and experienced experts look into the upkeep.

    Our company offers gas fireplace maintenance and troubleshooting to preserve its performance and resolve any problems it’s having. We know what to do when your fireplace is acting up to return it to its correct and safe operability.

    With regular maintenance, your gas fireplace will provide years of warmth. However, you may experience occasional problems. Make sure you call us right away if you notice:

    • Faulty Pilot Light - This may be an easy fix, but it may also be due to a broken thermopile or damaged wiring, both of which require professional assistance.
    • The Presence of Soot - When you burn wood, you expect to find soot; with gas, however, soot indicates that there is buildup in one or more areas of your fireplace. 
    • Foul Odors - If you smell something like rotten eggs, vacate your house and call us immediately. The only reason you’d smell anything from your fireplace is because of a harmless chemical called mercaptan, which is added to gas to give it a tell-tale odor when there’s a leak. 
    • Fireplace Switches On and Off - This is a common problem that can be due to a number of different issues that require a professional to diagnose. 

    What People Say

    “Sean came to our house the same day as our call and expertly diagnosed and repaired our gas fireplace in a very short time.  We found him to be incredibly knowledgeable about his field, I would call him an expert who knows the units inside and out.  He explained what he found and gave information about what was needed and why.  Excellent customer service!  Excellent experience overall!  Added to my contact list and will use him again in a heartbeat if needed.”

    Sandy B.

    “Sean responded quickly and was able to fit me in quicker than expected due to another call in the area.  He quickly diagnosed and repaired our fireplace and explained the exact issues.  He also helped me understand the proper maintenance for the unit so I can take care of some things myself.  I highly recommend Gas Fireplace Repair Guys.”

    Steve S.

    “Call this place if you want your gas fireplace repaired quickly and at a reasonable price! Sean (owner) came out to my house in less than a week, and diagnosed, repaired, and cleaned my entire gas fireplace in less than an hour... and it had A LOT of soot! It looks brand new and we can't wait to enjoy it over the holidays. MUCH better than waiting the 3-4 months that other competitors are booking and asking for outlandish prices. Definitely go with Sean!”

    Julia W.

    Gas Fireplace Insert Service and Repairs Cincinnati OH

    Gas fireplaces come in three main varieties. Built-ins are constructed into the home, inserts are used to retrofit existing wood-burning fireplaces, and log sets are basic burners that sit in an open fireplace. When you have a beautiful masonry or wood-frame fireplace but you want to convert it to a gas-burning fireplace, an insert may be the right solution for you.

    At our company, we offer gas fireplace insert service and repairs. Gas inserts are a great way to heat your home efficiently. In fact, since gas burns so cleanly, there are even ventless insert options available. Ventless inserts actually humidify indoor air, which is typically dryer in winter months, by releasing moisture in the form of water vapor that is a natural byproduct of the combustion process. And, they help to eliminate any lingering indoor odors.

    We offer a full range of gas fireplace insert services. Our technicians will:

    • Check Your Burner Assembly Annually
    • Change Remote Thermostat Batteries Annually 
    • Clean the Fan Once or Twice Per Season, As Needed
    • Clean the Glass at the End of the Season
    • Check Gasket at the End of the Season
    • Check the Cap and Remove Blockages or Buildup 

    Our services are designed to help you enjoy optimal performance all winter long and to prevent problems down the line. When you do need repair services, our team is only a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to talk to us whenever you have any questions or concerns about your gas fireplace insert.

    What Is a Gas Fireplace and How Does It Work?

    Gas fireplaces are heat sources that burn natural gas rather than wood. They are highly efficient and clean methods of warming your home with both radiant and convective heat. The fire, lit by a pilot light, burns from incombustible imitation logs above gas vents and behind glass. Waste gases can exit through a tube in the wall, and many models do not require a chimney.

    If you like to roast marshmallows and listen to the crackle of flaming wood, this isn’t the option for you. But, if you want an effective, convenient, and low-maintenance source of heat for your home, gas fireplaces will serve you exceptionally well.

    Gas fireplaces come with many advantages. With these fireplaces, you get:

    • Realistic Appearance - You don’t have to sacrifice the satisfying look of logs in your fireplace; gas models feature realistic imitation logs that maintain the right ambiance in your home.
    • Convenience - Gas fireplaces can be lit quickly with the push of a button, and many homeowners prefer the ease of use of these units over the time and effort associated with wood fireplaces. 
    • Cost Savings - While the price of gas fluctuates with market demand, heating your home with gas is often more cost-effective than heating it with wood. 
    • Safety - There’s always some risk with using open flames to heat your home. With that in mind, gas units are less of a hazard because they do not produce combustible creosote or lung-irritating smoke. 
    • Eco-Friendliness - Gas fireplaces produce far fewer emissions than wood units. 

    When to Call for Service for Your Gas Fireplace

    It’s a good idea to call us at the beginning and end of each season to check and maintain your gas fireplace. By regularly cleaning and testing your components, we ensure that your fireplace will run more safely and effectively. At the very least, you’ll want to schedule an inspection and maintenance at the start of the season so that we can complete any necessary cleanings and repairs before you begin using your fireplace regularly. That way, you can prevent any malfunctions or safety issues before the worst of the winter weather.

    You’ll also need to call us right away if you notice your fireplace isn’t working properly. Often, an easy fix will solve the problem, such as restarting your pilot light or changing your thermostat’s batteries. However, there are many situations where professional attention is required to address the issue properly. When your fireplace switches on and off, you’ll need one of our technicians to identify and correct the problem. If you notice a foul odor, that may be a sign of a gas leak, in which case you’ll need to speak with us right away.

    Gas fireplaces, like any mechanical equipment, are prone to wear and tear. Especially since these units often go from no use for months at a time and then sudden, frequent use for the duration of winter, the components will begin to wear down. This not only affects the performance of your fireplace but can also lead to real safety risks as well. Make us your source for gas fireplace repairs, maintenance, and inspections. We’ll do what it takes to keep your fireplace safe and reliable all winter long.

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    Our Service Area

    Our team is proud to serve customers throughout the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area. Our company is committed to delivering the highest quality maintenance and repairs that allow you to get the best use out of your gas fireplace. From downtown to Over-the-Rhine and the West End and beyond, we are available to assist with all of your gas fireplace needs. Our technicians travel to customers’ homes and businesses within an hours’ drive from Cincinnati in: Hamilton OH, Middletown OH, Fairfield OH, Covington KY, Mason OH, Florence KY, Independence KY, Oxford OH, Lebanon OH, Springboro OH, Forest Park OH, Erlanger KY, Fort Thomas KY, Newport KY, Sharonville OH, Blue Ash OH, Wilmington OH, Loveland OH, Norwood OH, Springdale OH, Maysville KY, BataviaOH, Wilmington OH, Mount Orab OH, Lawrenceburg IN, Bright IN and more.

    Our highly experienced technicians welcome the opportunity to serve you. We want to show you the high standard of quality that has established us as a highly trusted repair company. With our help, you’ll have a fireplace that’s always ready to get you through the winter months. The next time you need repairs or maintenance for your gas fireplace, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!